What are Husse Franchises? A quick overview!


A Husse franchise is a home-delivered pet food business that you set up and run yourself. With a low initial investment, you can:

  • Receive life-changing business training from Husse

  • Sell high-quality food and accessories for dogs, cats and horses

  • Be your own boss and make up to £50,000 a year or more

  • Own exclusive franchise rights to your area, serving 50,000 homes                                                      


Why sell pet food in Wales?

Exciting opportunities in a growing market


The ongoing growth in the pet food industry means that now is an excellent time to invest in a Husse franchise. What’s more, the popularity of cats, dogs and horses in Wales makes it one of the best places in the UK to sell pet food.


  • A staggering 46% of UK homes have at least one pet – there are currently 57,000,000 pets in the UK, not including horses. What’s more, pet ownership is on the rise.

  • As a result, pet food is a growing market – UK owners spend around £7,160,000,000 on pet food each year, and this is growing by 8% annually.

  • Wales is one of the most popular areas in the UK for dog and cat ownership. It currently has 422,000 households with dogs, an average of 1.4 dogs per household.

  • Wales also has 286, 000 households that have cats, an average of 1.5 cats per household.

  • The pet food industry has been categorised as ‘recession proof’ by Forbes, The Huffington Post, NY Daily News, and many more publications. This is reassuring at a time when the UK’s economic future seems uncertain.




What’s included in a Husse franchise?

The tools and training you need to succeed


In 30 years of working in the pet food industry, we’ve learned what it takes to get you off to a flying start.

Our packages take all the guesswork out of running a franchise, providing the training, tools and support you need to grow your business.


From the day a franchisee starts with Husse and every day after, they will always have the reliance of 30 years industry experience and success. Initial training will cover  intranet, nutrition, products, business strategy, marketing and sales. 

Ongoing support includes online marketing, field sales, marketing training, an in-house graphic designer, in-house vet to assist you or your customers, continuous training and mentoring. Husse arranges regular meetings, seminars and webinars allowing continuous development of our franchisees. 



Would you like to have more info about our Franchises in Wales?

Drop us an email at wales@husse.co.uk or call us at 01633 530520 – We would love to hear from you!




What our franchises say about being part of the Husse Family


Richard Langham Franchisee - Cardiff North

" I had been thinking about running my own franchise business for a while, and went along to several open days before deciding on the pet food sector.

After seeing several different pet food franchises I decided to go with Husse as their branding was vibrant, and they really seemed to strive towards offering quality products and top notch customer service.

The flexibility of the business model and the ongoing support I have had from Husse have made the whole venture a lot less daunting, and it's clear Husse Wales mean business!

Now I have my own territory, a whole load of stock, marketing materials and training programmes.

I'm pleased to say that I've already started building my customer base and talking to other related pet business about collaborating.

I really feel part of something exciting and like the Swedish approach to business. ''