Quality food = Happy Pets



Husse dog and cat food is made up of highly nutritional, premium ingredients – the salmon we use comes from Norway, and the Lamb meat comes from New Zealand. We then take these high quality ingredients and manufacture the food in a professionally-controlled factory, using the latest equipment.

We have 5 million satisfied customers worldwide that can attest to the quality of our products, and even more taste-approvals from all of their four-legged friends – remember, Husse comes with a taste guarantee to give you the ultimate reassurance. And as if that wasn’t enough, our food has been awarded prestigious awards in France, Poland and the UK, including Top Food for Dog two years in a row!




Husse doesn’t just tell you it is a highly nutritious product; we provide detailed product sheets with our food that gives you the sophisticated science to back up our words. The product sheets give you an insight into:

  • composition,
  • analytical constituents,
  • additives,
  • metabolised energy,
  • digestibility and
  • general information about the product.

We produce quality food with care for the specific needs of your animals. Our veterinarians and pet nutrition experts are always testing the composition of the food in order improve the quality of your pet’s health, and the quality of their life. We actually recently appeared in The Daily Mail in an article about the world’s oldest ever cat who was fed exclusively on Husse – so our food can even increase the duration of your pet’s life too!



Research in our Pet Research Center is limited to animal-friendly and strictly non-harmful food research. Our only ever purpose is to improve the cat and dog food. ‘Non-harmful’ means that our animals never suffer because of medical or surgical procedures. The research is limited to the registration of food consumption, judgments from excrements etc.

The animal experiments are strictly regulated by recent laws. Taking in consideration these laws, research as it is performed in our research center is not even considered as ‘animal experimentation’, and we pride ourselves in always taking the most ethical approach to improving our products.