Taste Guarantee or Your Money Back

At Husse we strive to give your best friend/s the best food and so our taste guarantee is here for your peace of mind!

We all know a fussy dog or cat but we are more than convinced that your pet will love our products. Husse pet food is one of the tastier pet foods on the market and we continually strive to keep it just so.

If your dog/cat does not like the food products, it doesn't mean that there is something wrong with the food. Your beloved pet might prefer another product or perhaps you wasn't been informed about the transition period that our four-legged friends need (especially dogs) in order to switch from one product to another.


Anyway, if your best friend/s don't like the food products, you won't lose out: we will take the bag back and we will refund the unused part of the bag - Naturally the bag wouldn't have been finished :)


Our Taste Guarantee shows how much we believe in our products so you should not hesitate to buy our products fearing that your furfriends will not eat it.

Again, this guarantee means: If the pet doesn't eat the food, or gets a bad stomach, Husse will buy it back!


How does "Taste Guarantee" work in practice?

If you inform the franchisee or distributor that your pawesome pet did not eat the food, the franchisee will pick up the bag and return the money. If the dog has eaten 50% (or whatever %) of the bag the customer will receive 50% of the money back (or whatever % is left in the bag). Please be aware that the complaint must be filed within 14 days after you receive the order, but we can be flexible :)


Shop with Husse and receive complete peace of mind!