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These Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

You should read these Terms of sale carefully before placing an order. By accessing our website and/or placing an order either online or by phone, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions. Please retain a copy for future reference.
These terms and conditions may be changed at any time by updating this page. You should check this section of our website periodically to ensure you have the most recent version of Terms & Conditions relevant to your order.

1. Definitions

• "Buyer" means the organisation or individual who contracts to buy goods from Husse Wales.
• "Consumer" means the person who eventually uses the goods for the purpose intended
• "Seller" means " Strings Distribution Ltd. " trading as "Husse Wales"; may also be referred to as "we" or "us".
• "Terms of Sale" means the conditions set out in this document. We may change the Terms and Conditions of Sale for any future order without notice.
• Only those Terms existent at the time of placing an order shall be applicable to any Contract.
• "Contract" relates to the goods described in the order, but only to that part of those goods for which we issue a Confirmation.

2. Contracts

2.1 No contract exists between a customer (Buyer or Consumer) and us for any specific goods, unless we have received an order, accepted it and sent a confirmation by fax, letter or email. It is Buyer’s responsibility to ensure that they order the correct goods for the purpose intended. It is Buyer’s responsibility to check the Confirmation, as this will form the basis for the delivery and the Contract. Buyer must inform us within 48 hours of the receipt of the Confirmation of any error or variation.

3. Orders

3.1 The placing of an order shall be deemed to be the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

3.2 An acknowledgement of an order is not a confirmation of the order. An order is only accepted on the issuing of a Confirmation of the order. This is then the Contract.

3.3 The price of the goods shall be deemed to be that in force at the time of the Contract. Prices of goods not delivered within 30 days of the Confirmation may be adjusted by the Seller. In such case Buyer shall have the right to cancel the order for such goods or to re-confirm the order in writing. Prices of goods delivered within 30 days will not be affected.

3.4 The prices of all goods on an order shall be that listed on Seller’s website or on the relevant, concurrent price list advised to the buyer. Where Buyer purchases goods for resale, the discount price for the order shall be that listed in the current trade price list applicable to that Buyer’s business.

3.5 VAT is levied on all goods sold within the United Kingdom. Goods supplied by us outside this jurisdiction will not have VAT added where a legitimate VAT Number is advised to us, but Buyer must pay taxes, levies and duties as applicable in the other jurisdiction.

3.6 All credit or Debit Card details are entered on secured page and they are transferred using SSL certificates. The service is provided by Elavon Merchant Services

4. Delivery

4.1 Delivery charges are applicable to all deliveries, except where waived by Seller in the confirmation. Contracted Franchisees have special delivery conditions as detailed in their Franchise Contract. The conditions relating to delivery detailed in that Contract shall supersede these Terms and Conditions.

4.2 Buyer or Consumer shall pay delivery charges for goods returned to Husse UK, irrespective of reason for return. Special conditions shall apply to Franchisees as detailed in Franchisee Contract, which shall supersede these Conditions.

4.3 Where a specific delivery date has been agreed by Seller and not met, Buyer shall have right of cancellation of the Contract and have a full refund of payments where applicable.

4.4 While delivery is not of the essence and Seller shall make every reasonable effort to meet same, Seller will not be liable for any losses, costs, damages or expenses incurred by the Buyer or Consumer arising directly or indirectly from late delivery.

4.5 Where there is no-one available to accept a delivery, Seller will attempt to contact Buyer or Consumer to make a prompt arrangement. Where this is not possible, Buyer or Consumer shall become liable for additional costs arising from a corrective or delayed delivery.

4.6 Unless otherwise specified in the order, delivery shall be to the last address notified to Strings Distribution Ltd. by the order or by any preceding communication.

4.7 If order value is under £30 and there is no active Husse franchisee in your area, a delivery charge of £5 may apply.

4.8 Returns and Refunds: We will be happy to return any items and food package/ bag in original and undamaged condition within 7 days from date of postage/ delivery. The refunds may take up to 2 weeks from date return has been accepted by Strings Distribution Ltd and will either be made via a bank transfer of cheques only. Original payment receipt will be required for returns to be accepted by the company.

5. Risk and Title

5.1 Risk in the goods shall pass to Buyer on delivery.

5.2 Title in the goods shall pass to Buyer on receipt by Seller of payment of the price in the Contract.

6. Privacy Policy

Please click here to see our privacy policy

7. Warranty

7.1 All goods supplied by us are warranted free from defects. This warranty does not affect your consumer rights.

7.2 This warranty does not apply to defects arising from goods wrongly handled or stored by the buyer or Consumer. The instructions on the packaging for food items indicate the correct procedures for handling, storage and use of the goods. Goods returned after the printed sell-by date on the packaging shall not be deemed to be within Warranty within these terms.

7.3 Under no circumstances shall our liability under warranty exceed the purchase price of the goods shipped and claimed under warranty.

7.4 All claims under warranty shall be notified to us in writing by post or email within 72 hours of their discovery. Goods which have been modified without notice will be deemed to void warranty.

7.5 The company shall have the right of inspection of all goods claimed under warranty.

7.6 The company reserves the right to make the final decision on the warranty claim subject to this inspection and to proof that the goods have been handled and stored appropriately.

7.7 The company limits its liability for the sale of non- food products to that offered by the original manufacturer save where this would contravene UK consumer law.

7.8 No company staff member shall have the right to vary the conditions herein without the express permission of the Chief Executive.

7.9 Force Majeure. The company shall have no obligation to provide a remedy where the defect, fault or loss is caused by forces outside the company’s control.

7.10 Where a claim is deemed to be malicious or baseless, we reserve the right to recover our costs and expenses in investigating and processing the claim.

8. General

8.1 The waiver by us of any clause of these Terms in a contract shall not be construed as a permanent waiver of the clause(s).

8.2 If any clause should be held to be invalid or unenforceable by a competent authority, the validity of all other clauses shall not be affected.

8.3 Only persons aged 18 and over may purchase the products featured on this website and register with this website.

9. Licence and copyright

The copyright and other intellectual property rights in all material on this website including but not limited to graphic images and photographs are owned by us or our parent company Husse. No part of this website may be reproduced in any other website, stored or included in any public or private electronic retrieval system without our prior written permission.
Private individuals are permitted to print and/or download extracts from this website for personal use as long as:

(a) text or related graphics on this website are not modified in any way
(b) graphics on this website are used only with accompanying text and not separately
Any rights not expressly granted in these terms are reserved.

10. Service Access

Although we will endeavour to ensure that this website in part or whole is available 24 hours a day under normal circumstances, we will not be liable if this website is unavailable for any period at any time for any reason. Please note that access to this website may be suspended for a while without notice for maintenance or repair and in the event of system failure or any other reasons beyond our control.

11. Accuracy of Website

While we endeavour to ensure that the information on this website is correct we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy for material on this website. If you are relying wholly on product information on this website to make your purchase decision, please contact us on wales@husse.co.uk to clarify and check any important detail before placing an order.
We try to ensure that all product information on this site is accurate. If we discover an error in the website information on the product you ordered we will contact you straight away so you can decide whether you still wish to go ahead with your order. If you cancel your order as a result of being informed of such an error by us, you will receive a full refund of any money paid in advance.

12. Governing Law

The performance and completion of these Terms and Conditions and any contract made there under shall be subject to the law of England and Wales.

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